Pecan Trees

Terms & Conditions:

Supplier of Pecan Nut Trees: SANDVETPECANS

Orders are only valid upon receipts of a signed order form.

The order form must be signed and returned to SANDVETPECANS on or before 15 January 2019. Please also attach the necessary VAT certificate.
A deposit of 50% is payable on or before 30 January 2019, securing your order. The remaining 50% balance is payable before 30 July 2019. The buyer forfeits his deposit if he fails to pay the outstanding balance by 15 August 2019.
Price on request , VAT excluded. VAT will be charged if SANDVETPECANS is not in possession of a valid VAT Certificate.
The price of the trees does not include delivery.
Trees will be available from 15 August 2019 for collection.
  • SANDVETPECANS is the only nursery whose tree variety is guaranteed by means of DNS analysis.
  • SANDVETPECANS provides complete technical service for all Pecan farmers, from the layout and design of orchard with irrigation nutrition programs that are based on soil analysis and spray programs which are recommended after following leaf and sap analysis. SANDVETPECANS designs and supplies irrigation systems.
Upon signing this order form, you are not only guaranteed the best technical assistance, but you are also assured of the best plant material.

Please send proof of payments via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively, fax to 0865180828

To download an order form, please click here.