Pecan Almanac

Pecan Monthly Almanac


What to do

Why you do this



Full up the tree with macros for  bud break


Sanitised Orchard

Remove all the broken shoots



Copper to sanitized



Harvest time begin



Harvest in full swing



Young trees can begin with pruning



 you must remove selective thick shoots



Remember to hold the profile on field water capacity



This time the field water must be on standard


Orchard Sanitation

Chip all the pruning material


Nutrition Supply

Start of spraying season


April is the most important stage in any pecan orchard. The soil temperature is close to dropping low. We must give our orchard two thirds of our fertilizer so that the tree can absorb it in its roots to begin the new season with a full load of all feeding the tree may need to maximally produce.

If we do this action too late, this fertilizer stay available for the tree. The fertilizer will then give the tree too much vegetative grow and the tree will not produce as much as it can.

This month is the last time we can spray the weed before harvest.

Do not stop giving water to your orchard according your watering schedule.

It is a very good practice to spray as early as you can in April with a fully micro mix spray on the leaves.


In May we start to prepare our orchard for the harvest season. We remove all the broken branches and all the dead branches in the orchard.

Do not stop giving water.


The first varieties are ready to harvest and the harvest process can begin. If the trees are young and you don’t do harvesting by machine you can begin to harvest by hand.


We have enough frost until know and when we begin to shake the trees we only shake once to clean the tree and the machine harvesting process can start.


This is the month that we must finish all the pruning actions on all the trees.

The young trees must be pruned to give the tree the form to absorb the must sun for future production and to minimize broken branches.

The tree is on this stage in deep winter sleep and if you want to remove thick branches this must be done in the first half of August. If you are hedging than you must be finished in August.


The soil must be on this stage on fully field water capacity. The roots are busy to develop and we must be ready for the coming season. If you are on this stage on field water capacity the risk is less to run in water shortage late in the season. Remove all the pruning material or chip all the material. We need to get the orchard clean without any dead branches before bud break.


Hold the soil at field water capacity. The first spraying for the tree is now due. We spray 1% Ultrabor and 1% Zink nitrate on the branches and the buds at a rate of 1000 litre water / ha. Within 20 days the trees become mostly green and then we spray 1% Zinknitrate and 1% Micro mix on the leaves at a water rate of 1000 litre/ha.


Keep the water at field water capacity. On this stage we begin with the full spraying programme. The programme is attached. If there is any insect problems, it is the time to spray the correct product to protect the crop.


Running your watering and spraying program.

You must be aware that on this stage the tree need of water are busy to explore.

You must at no stage fall behind with watering schedule.

Control your weed in the orchard.


Critical stage for water. Be aware that you must give enough water. The pollination is finished and we begin to see the crop. If the crop is good, it is the stage when we give the last third of our yearly fertilizer amount. This is the correct time to do your yearly leave analysis tests.

Following your spraying program.

Control your weed in the orchard.


On this stage you can’t get behind with water and your spraying program because the tree withdraws a lot of energy and feeding out of the reserves and we must help the tree to feed the crop. Look carefully at your orchard and if necessary spray for insects.