Andre van Niekerk is involved in pecan industry for more than 17 years and was involved in many successful pecan farming projects in Prieska, a major pecan producing region in South Africa. The other parties involved at Sandvet Pecans are all pecan farmers with extensive experience in the pecan field.

For the last few years Andre van Niekerk has been involved at the South African Pecan Association and helped to shape the industry in order to generate funds for research. Andre van Niekerk, conducted research on various aspects of the pecan industry for the last 15 years on the Orange Estate, Prieska. Andre van Niekerk is currently working with a laboratory to develop the first cloned pecan tree in the world.

Our Vision:

To assist in creating a sustainable pecan industry that produces the highest quality pecans and pecan trees to the world.

We aim to create an identity that is traceable.

By adding value to our clients we want them to achieve their maximum income from their farming activities.

Our Mission:

To provide a service without boundaries in the pecan industry in the following aspects:

      • Innovative thinking through study groups.
      • Creative solutions to fit in with the current farming setup.
      • excellent service through pruning courses.
      • To provide the best plant material.
      • To assist with the outlay of orchards.
      • Assisting with a cause to the pecan industry.